what is CH System

  • a set of devices connected by one user friendly app, which you can access on the Internet using your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • developed for directing detached workplaces without the need for on-site servicemen and an energy connection
  • easy to use with different levels of accessibility for individual users
CH System is focused on the solution of production needs of workplaces without on-site servicemen
  • ensures the fulfilment of OSH (Occupational safety and health) conditions through automatic safety training
  • performs alcohol testing
  • controls the authorization of entrances into the workplace
  • supervises the workplace and evaluates defined events
  • guards the defined space and actively protects the property
  • registers the placement of tools, keys and other things marked with electronic chips in a warehouse as well as their assignment to workers
  • generates a work or build log
  • solves fuel logistics
  • allows for the remote control of lighting, door locks and the safety system
with CH System you keep yourself informed about all detached workplaces while having the option of looking at each in detail
  • you are informed about the number of workers or other personnel present at the workplace
  • you can check the weather at each workplace
  • you can immediately find which tools, keys or other items marked with electronic chips are at which workplace, warehouse or assigned to which person
  • you are ensured that there are no personnel without proper safety training present at the workplace
  • workplace safety is controlled and overviewed by an AI
  • information acquired in real time is the basis of effective work and subsequent workplace checks
  • you immediately receive information about defined events
  • you are ensured that the workplace is properly locked and secured
  • you will never lose your warehouse or gate keys
  • you can comfortably transport a CH Cell to any workplace

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C H Complex System s.r.o.

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